What is Infertility - Infertility  Symptoms, causes and Treatment, Infertility Doctors ?

Infertility is a typical and very problematic situation. Infertility usually refers to a situation when a couple is unable to conceive. If the couples are having regular unprotected sex and still the woman is not getting pregnant that is the situation of infertility. Infertility is a very difficult situation to bear especially if you are a newly married couple. Things usually go wrong if the woman is unable to take pregnancy for the entire period. It also happens if one of the partners is not able to bestow to the conception. 
One of the easier said than done situation relates to infertility. Things that usually look good and easy from outside are difficult to manage and handle from inside. Infertility is one of them. However, one should always get confirmation of this situation. To make complicated things easier one must refer to the below symptoms.

Here are some infertility symptoms in men and women. 
Infertility symptoms in Women

1.    Uneven periods

Women who suffer from the problem of irregular or uneven periods are usually prone to infertility. An average cycle of a woman is 28 days long. If sometimes the cycle exceeds or precedes one day that is also fine. But, the situation where a woman does not even know when she will experience her next periods is probably the situation of infertility. Irregular periods typically point towards PCOS or PCOD. The hormonal issues may also lead to irregular periods which in turn, unfortunately, lead to infertility. 

2.    No periods

A normal woman gets her period every month. But, if you are not experiencing it from last 5-6 months then there are chances that your fertility is affected. There are so many reasons why a woman is not having her periods. Some of them include heavy workouts, exercises, anxiety and stress. A woman should get her fertility status checked if her periods are temporarily not available. 

3.    Extreme pain during sexual intercourse

There are situations when women experience extreme and unbearable pain while having sex. Now, this may definitely look normal and not a big deal kinda situation. But, things do get extreme if they are not treated on time. Women who experience horrendous and insufferable pain during sexual intercourse may have infertility problems. This is related to endometriosis and other problems which customarily lead to infertility.

Causes of Infertility

Dealing with infertility is not an easy task. However, people should always be aware of the causes of infertility. Here are some of the causes of infertility.

1.    Smoking usually leads to infertility. A woman who smokes frequently usually suffers from infertility problems. 

2.    Trying to conceive late is also one of the causes of infertility. The ability and capacity of women to conceive after the age of 32 falls and leads to infertility. 

3.    Consuming a high level of alcohol may also lead to infertility. 


4.    If a man or a woman is overweight or is losing immense weight suddenly then it may lead to infertility. 


5.    Mental stress also adds to the causes of infertility. 


6.    The disorder in ovulation may lead to infertility problems. 


There are many more causes of infertility. 

Infertility Treatment

But, one should always think of infertility treatment which can help them to conceive properly. For all the women who face infertility issues must go to an Ayurvedic Doctor for infertility. The infertility treatment is best handled by Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments are 100% reliable and trustworthy especially in the case of infertility. 

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment for Infertility in Delhi is the best treatment if you are suffering from the problem of infertility. You can never go wrong for infertility treatment if you decide on for an ayurvedic doctor for infertility. The treatment includes ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarma and products which are one of the best ways for infertility treatment.