what is Blocked Fallopian Tubes - Symptoms, cause and Treatment, tube blockage Doctors?


Fallopian tube is a part of female reproductive system. It measures four inches (10 cm) or more in length and approximately 8 mm in diameter. Spermatozoa (a sperm cell) and the fertilized ovum can pass along the tube, if the passage or the tube is blocked or obstructed due to any reason it may result in failure of Fertilization. Blockage can be on either or both the tubes.

Blocked fallopian tube or tubal blockage is one of the most common causes of infertility. It is a matter of concern for many women trying to conceive but with our ancient medicine system i.e Ayurveda there are many options for tubal blockage treatment in Delhi.

There is no such direct reference of fallopian tube in Ayurveda but we can compare them to beej vaha strotas or vahani.

The hysterosalpingogram, sonosalpingogram and laparoscopic chromotubation are the clinical methods of testing the patency of fallopian tube.

There is no such signs and symptoms of blocked fallopian tube. However some women may experience pain in lower abdomen with unusual vaginal discharge.

After a year of unprotected and regular intercourse inability to conceive might be due to blocked fallopian tube which is confirmed by testing the patency of fallopian tube. Patients with such cases may see any tubal blockage centers or tubal blockage clinics in Delhitreating infertility in females.


Given below are the common causes of blockage of fallopian tube.

1) Inflammation of the tube i.e salpingitis
2) Gonorrhea and chlamydial infection
3) Salpingitis following septic abortion and puerperal infection 
4) Hydrosalpinx
5) Previous Cessaren


There are many tubal blockage centers /tubal blockage clinics in Delhi where the following treatment can be done

1)        tubal micro surgery 
2)        laparoscopic tubal adhesiolysis, fimbrioplasty and tubal surgery.

3)        Tubal cannulation 

4)        Balloon tuboplasty and cannulation

All the above mentioned treatments give less success rate and also no sureity for success. 
Ayurvedic treatment gives 90% success rate in tubal blockage.


There are many good tubal blockage centers/tubal blockage clinics in Delhi. One may approach a gynaecologist or a general surgeon for tubal blockage treatment in Delhi.
Aasha Ayurveda Kerala Panchakarma Centre gives 90% successful treatment in Tubal Blockage. 



Tubal blockage treatment in Delhi by panchakarma.
According to ayurveda, all gynaecological disorder are caused by aggravated vata. Therefore, treatment of choice is to suppress the aggravated vata (vayu).

“स्नेहनस्वेदवस्त्यादीवातजास्वनिलापहं” (charakasamhitasholka no 41)

vata suppressive snehan (oleation), swedan (fomentation) and basti karma should be applied.

-Snehana (oleation) can be done by balatail(sesame oil)

-Nadiswedana or kumbhisweda (fomentation) on lower andomen
followed by hot water bath and vata suppressive meal

-Yoni prakshalanam (purification process for genital organs) with trifalakwatha or kariradikwatha

-Uttarabasti with oil or kwath (decoction) made by sour matter.

Therefore treatment options are many and ayurvedic treatment has a good success rate. Aasha Ayurveda is one of the tubal blockage center /tubal blockage clinic in Delhi.