6 Symptoms of Menstruation

Women don’t understand the normal menstruation cycle and the abnormal one that is a sign to some severe problem. Symptoms not to be ignored are -

1. Heavy Bleeding

There is a big difference in Heavy flow and heavy bleeding. Now question is how long a period supposed to last? Normal Bleeding during menstruation leads to the usage of 1 or 2 pads a day. But if it’s more than that; then, It’s considered abnormal. Don’t ignore such condition and contact your doctor.

2. Intense cramps during Menstruation

Extremely painful bleeding with craps in lower abdomen during periods can’t be ignored as it is not normal. This should be consulted with your doctor so that base cause could be ruled out.

3. Scanty Bleeding

Why does a menstruation occur? The way heavy bleeding is dangerous similarly Scanty bleeding is also a sign of hormonal disturbances . Thickness of endrometrium is important for fertility of women. Scanty bleeding may be a hidden sign of abnormal endometrial thickness. So, consult doctor you have bleeding less than two days.

4. Large Blood Clots

Menstrual blood during cycle should flow easily, but some people think that the large clots in bleeding is normal.

That’s a myth. Though some clots may occur along with bleeding at night, large clots are not normal. These may get stuck in internal os and can cause serious illness. Also it may be a sign of Fibroids if clots are larger than a quarter.

5. Severe Lower Back Pain and Nausea

Menstrual problems like Back aches and Nausea during periods is not considered  abnormal, but if this pain is  more severe ? Then, the symptom is more unusual. This type of menstrual pain, accompanied with nausea, vomiting, pain in other pelvic regions, may give signal to a variety of health problems, like cysts, endometriosis or fibroids.

6. Irregular Menstruation cycle

What is a normal menstrual cycle? A normal menstrual cycle should be of 28- 30 days +/- 3 days. If its delayed more than that then it’s an alarming sign for you or that is abnormal menstruation. Don’t ignore and take a step at the earliest if you have such problem.