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Vitiligo (Leucoderma) Treatment


Skin Problems in Ayurveda have been broadly mentioned under Kushtha Chikitsa. Vitiligo can be correlated with Shwitra in Ayurveda. Its of two types in Ayurveda-

  1. Kilas

  2. Varuna

As per modern system of medicines, it is the improper distribution of melanin under the skin surface. It may be hereditary, as side effects of medicines, radiations etc.



  1. Incompatible food

  2. Suppression of vomiting

  3. Excess food intake

  4. Intake of sour, sweet, salt, and pungent food excessively

  5. Heavy intake of fresh grains, curd, and fish

  6. Teasing and disrespecting the elders

  7. Sinful acts


Because of excess intake of the above mentioned causes ( Nidana) , All the three doshas- VATA, PITTA, KAPHA are vitiated. These combine with Blood( Rakta), Skin (Twak), Muscles ( Mamsa Dhatu) and Lymph( Ras Dhatu). All these elements are involved invariably and cause various kinds of skin diseases.

When Lymph and Blood are assoitiated with vitiated doshas, It causes Shwitra or Vitiligo. Among these Vata dominated Shwitra is difficult to treat.

Pitta Dominant is still more difficult to treat and Kaphaj is non treatable.



Treatment of vitiligo should be started immediately once it is started. It is long procedure to treat it.

  1. Panchakarma - The first treatment protocol in Vitiligo is Shodhan Karma. Based on the type of Vitiligo, Vamana, Virechana or Basti treatment is given among the Panchakarmas.

  2. Prachhankarma - It is the kerala therapy done locally on the affected area. Cups are placed post needling on the affected area. It is fone on the large patches.

  3. Abhyangam with medicated oil - Medicated oil is applied on the affected area. Oil is selected on the basis of type of Vitiligo.

  4. Atap Snan - After application of oil, patient is asked to sit in direct exposure of sun. In some cases, boils may occur on affected area but that’s a very positive sign.

  5. Oral Medications - Bakuchi churna, Khardirsar churna, Leukoskin, Chitrakasav are few medicines that are used in Vitiligo.

  6. Lepam: lepgodi, Bakuchi churna, panchanimba churna etc are used for external use in Vitiligo.


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