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what is Uttar Basti and benefits of Uttar Basti ?




“उत्तरबस्तीसंज्ञा उत्तरमार्गदीयमान्तया किंवा श्रेष्ठगुणतया उत्तरबस्तीः ||”

Basti that is administered through uttara marga (openings in the anterior part of the body) is called uttara basti. The basti has excellent (uttara) qualities to cure reproductive and urinary organs, so it is called uttara basti

Administering medicine in liquid form through the openings in lower part of the body is called basti. Literally basti means a compartment that retains liquid for specific period of time. In ancient times bladder of some animals was used as a basti to insert liquids through the openings in the lower part of the body. It is now replaced by a thin rubber tube called catheter. Uttara basti therapy is useful in curing diseases of genital and urinary system. Basti administered in vagina is called garbhashaya gata vati and when administered in urinary bladder is called mutrashaya gata vasti. 


Uttara basti ayurvedic treatment is administered in the same way as other basti. Liquid used for uttara basti usually in the form of medicated oil or ghee. Here we shall go in detail of procedure performed on a female patient.


Patient is thoroughly examined by the doctor so that the dose of medicine to be administered is prepared and also to see if the patient is fit to undergo the basti therapy. The medicated liquid should be lukewarm. The patient is laid in a supine position with legs flexed.


The pelvis, hips, groins etc of a patient need to be massaged with oil. Following this hot fomentation is applied. Then the medicated liquid is gently made to enter the desired area.

If the medicated liquid comes out within expected duration and without any complications, it means the procedure was appropriate. This is in the case when kashaya is used as a medicated liquid.
Sneha when used as a medicated liquid takes to come out. It benefits by retaining in for some time. Pippalayadivarti, aaragwadadi varti may help in withdrawing the liquid.


If the medicated liquid does not return, it should be withdrawn with a required treatment. Uttara basti ayurvedic treatment is bit complicated hence it is advised to see a certified experienced ayurvedic doctor. 

Vedanahara aushadh (analgesic) eg nidrodaya rasa, pippali moola etc may be prescribed if pain persists. Abhyanga with panchaguna tail etc and mild fomentation may also help.


Uttara basti cleans the entire urinary system genital organs. It improves the circulation, opens the channels of the system and removes all the toxicity. It restores the normal functioning of the urinary system and genital region. It also helps in providing nourishment in the specific area. It is a ray of hope for those wanting a treatment without any surgical intervention of urinary and genital system. Also it is a therapy that has made many couple’s dream come true of having a child. Uttara basti in Delhi has its own record in this therapy and Aasha Ayurveda centre stands tall amongst many in treating diseases through uttara basti in Delhi.


Charaka samhita mentions 13 types of urinary system disorders (mutraghata vyadhiyan) and the cure for all is uttara basti. It is also administered in patients having difficulty is passing urine. Apart from disorders of urinary system, in men it is also used to cure infertility due to defect in shukra dhatu.

Uttara basti in women benefits in diseases such as-

Prolapsed uterus or vagina
Diseases related to menstruation
Pain in vagina or uterus
Diseases related to vagina and uterus
All the yoni vyapadas mentioned in charaka samhita
Infertility and etc

Uttara basti is considered a treatment of choice for genital and urinary system. It benefits by pacifying the vitiated apana vayu (type of vata dosha). Dr Chanchal Sharma in  Aasha ayurveda is an expertise in uttara basti therapy in Delhi.

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