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Urticaria Treatment in Delhi


Increasing pollutants, now days have become a biggest threat. We are living in an environment full of pollution. Type 1 hypersensitivity caused by such pollutants in known as Urticaria.  Urticaria patients are increasing now days due to industrialization and western lifestyle. The doshas involved in Urticaria are Vata and Kapha. These doshas in combination with Pitta and Rakta create redness, itching and swelling on the skin. Although, sheetpitta is not life threatening but it makes the life of the patient miserable. Itching and swelling develop any time in the day. Its occurrence is more than 20 % in the society and with the worsening lifestyle; it’s going to increase more.


  1. Inflammation / Rashes like insect bite.
  2. Severe Itching
  3. Severe pricking Pain
  4. Redness of Skin
  5. Burning Sensation
  6. Mild to moderate fever and Vomiting in few cases.


Increased use of Junk food, lack of sleep, indigestion, alcohol intake, bakery products, Anxiety, stress etc leads to Dhatu dourbalya ( Reduced immunity). A person with week immunity is more prone to be targeted by the allergens and pollutants. This causes Urticaria.


Our Acharyas have mentioned thousands of years ago about various herbal formulations and Panchakarma procedures for Sheetpitta or Urticaria.

  1. Panchakarma procedures include-
  • Vamana- Since it’s a Kaphaj dominant disease, Vamana place a very important role in balancing Kapha Dosha.  Vitiated Kapaha is removed from body through purgation method.
  • Virechana-  Vata and Kapha are associated with vitiated pitta in Blood . So, Pitta dosha is balanced with Virechana treatment.


  • Raktmokshana: Since it is the best procedure to remove toxins from the body directly through blood, it shows superb results even after first sitting. Impure blood is released from the body through Sira Vedhan procedure. It’s a painless procedure and hardly takes 10 mins but gives marvelous results.


  1. Lepam: Medicated oils like Nalpamradi tailam, jeevantyadi tailam, Urtiplex lotion etc are applied locally on the skin. Also, Herbal paste are applied on the skin like Anantmool Lepam, Sariva Lepam, Chandan Lepam etc.
  2. Oral Herbal Medication: Oral Medication plays a very important role in Ayurvedic treatment of Urticaria. Doorva Churna, Panchatikt ghrit guggulu, haridrakhand, aarogyavardhani etc are some of the mentioned medicines for Urticaria treatment in Ayurveda.



Histamin producing foods should be avoided in Urticaria. All the fermented products have histamin content. So those should be avoided.

Restricted foods in Urticaria are-

  1. Pickles
  2. All dairy products containing cheese and Curd
  3. Artificial polished pulses, Artificial flavors Bleached flour
  4. Chocolate
  5. Eggplant, Pumpkin, Spinach,Tomato and all tomato products.
  6.  All fats and oils with color and/or preservatives, Hydrolyzed lecithin,Margarine.
  7. Prepared salad dressings with restricted ingredients.
  8. Prepared gravies

         Allowed foods in Urticaria

  1.   Plain milk,Ricotta cheese.
  2. Any pure unbleached grain or flour
  3. All pure fresh vegetables and juices except those listed
  4. All pure, freshly cooked meat or poultry.
  5. Pure butter,Pure vegetable oil, Homemade salad dressings with allowed ingredients, Lard and meat drippings.
  6.  Homemade gravies

We can firmly say that if you follow ayurveda and upgrade you lifestyle, Urticaria is not a disease that cann’t be treated. So, If you are a sufferer of Urticaria, Call now 9811773770.

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