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what is Udwartanam and benefits of Udwartanam ?


Udwartana is a type of special ayurvedic massage that is done with a medicated choorna (powder) or oil, massaged in upward direction. Movement of massage in udwartana therapy must be in pratiloma gati i.e in a direction opposite to that of body hair. 

Udwartan or ubtan is an ayurvedic treatment for metabolic and lifestyle disorders. Udwartana therapy is used both as a curative and preventive therapy. It is included as a part of daily health regimen.

We all are falling for many lifestyle and metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension etc. Many a times it can be corrected by changing diet and life style. At times when the disease is stubborn it requires certain medicines or therapy for treating the ailment.

Udwartana ayurvedic treatment has been into practice since ages. It is one of an important ayurvedic therapy that is used especially in treating overweight issues. 


   “ दौर्गन्ध्यां गौरवं तन्द्रा कण्डु मलं अरोचकं | 
      स्वेद बीभत्सताम हंति वहरीरपरिमार्जनं | |”

In charaka samhita benefits of udwartanam ayurvedic treatment includes elimination of heaviness of the body, removes drowsiness, cures itching, removes toxicity, improves the taste buds, eliminates the waste.

Other than these it nourishes the skin and improves complexion, balances agni, open the body channels and improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin, pacifies vata and kapha dosha.

Udwartana therapy should be done after abhyanga and is indicated in following conditions-
High cholesterol and triglyceride
Diabetic neuropathy
Excessive sleep
Used as purvakarma in place of abhyanga
Nervous disorders
Sciatica and etc

Depending upon the type of content used to carry out the procedure, Udwartana is classified into snigdha udwartana and rooksha udwartana.

1.  In snigdha udwartana the herbal choorna (powder) is not used directly on the skin instead is mixed with medicated oil or ghee to form a paste.

Snigdha udwartana is used to develop strength in a weak person, vata vitiated dosha, in pain, sthairyakarma (provides stability), improves skin immunity etc.

2. Ruksha meaning is dry. Hence the name itself suggests that the matter used for udwartana is dry in nature. It may lead to certain skin conditions if performed on sensitive skin. It should be used under guidance of certified ayurvedic doctor. It is one of the best treatment for obesity.

Aasha ayurveda is one amongst the few centres that offer udwartana in Delhi.

Ruksha udwartana is indicated in the following situations-
Aggravated kapha
When there is a need to induce dryness in the body
Treating obesity and high cholesterol
In a stiff and rigid body
On a skin that is too oily
Patient having diseases due to vitiated kapha
Skin that need to be toned and etc


- Udwartana should be avoided in disorders due to vitiated pitta dosha, inflammation, redness, rise in temperature, etc.

- Diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis etc.

- Old age people, pregnant women

- Skin that is too dry, any wound or cut on the skin etc 


Udwartana therapy is used as a part of panchakarma. We shall discuss the procedure of this therapy that is followed in Aasha ayurveda, in three steps.

It includes thorough examination of the patient and any disease suffering from. The doctor prepares the line of treatment, medicines etc depending upon the examination and confirms the patient fit, to undergo udwartana treatment.

Massage is performed uniformly on both side of the body by the skilled therapist. Udwartana therapy is doneby making the person lie in prone and supine position.

The body is wiped with a sterile cloth followed by applying a thin coat of medicated oil. Patient is then prepared for swedana (steaming) using decoction of dashmoola etc.


Mahamashya tail
Pinda tail
Tila tail
Mahanarayan tail
Ksheerabala tail
Balashwagandhadi tail 
Triphala choorna
Triphala tail
Saindhav tail/ lavana tail
Mocharasa choorna

Metabolic and life style disorders are the most common and prevalent disease in our society. We have deviated from the holistic approach towards life. Our food habits are slowly poisoning our body instead of nourishing it. The saying goes true, “we are not eating food but food is eating us”. There are wastes and toxins accumulated in our body that harms our system in long run. To maintain our body healthy, the toxins need to be removed. Aasha ayurveda offering udwartana in Delhi is a solution in such conditions. It makes you feel energetic and younger.

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