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what is Takaradhara and benefits of Takaradhara ?


Yogurt mixed with water is medicated with certain herbs. This prepared liquid is called takra in ayurveda. Dhara signifies flow of liquid in the form of a stream. Takra dhara is therefore a gentle flow of medicated buttermilk on the forehead. 

Takra dhara therapy has a cooling property. Takra dhara ayurvedic treatment cures diseases as well as is a preventive therapy.

In this fast pace of life especially metro cities, everyone is suffering from stress that is affecting our personal and professional life. Takra dhara therapy is for those who are keen to achieve success in every aspect of their life. Takra dhara in Delhi is a ray of hope for Delhi people who are busy travelling from one corner to the other for work. As mind and body are the sides of a same coin. Hence it becomes necessary for us to calm our mind so that we are more productive in our work. One should take at least two course of takra dhara in a year.


It is stress relieving
Controls hypertension
Improves digestion
Excellent for chronic insomnia
Fights depression
Enhances immunity
Retards Alzheimer’s disease
Useful in treating anemia, psoriasis and other skin diseases.
Prevents greying of hair
Improves blood circulation in the brain and removes toxicity
It is very cooling and refreshing
Cleans the skin
Enhances the function of sensory organs
Pacifies pitta dosha in specific diseases
It activates the vital points in the body which impact the functioning of central nervous system.

Takra dhara can be classified according to its application on the part of the entire body.

Takra shiro dhara- done over the head of the patient.

Takrakaya dhara/sarvangatakra dhara- done over whole body

Takra ekanga dhara- done over specific area of the body.


Here we shall discuss the procedure for takra shiro dhara.
Duration of treatment is 45 minutes per session that may takes around 7 to 21 days, depending upon the reason for treatment. Pradhankarma (main procedure) is done only after confirming that the patient is fit to undergo takra dhara ayurvedic treatment. Always consult a good ayurvedic physician before taking the therapy.

Patient lies in prone position with a pillow beneath the neck so that head tilts slightly back.
The medicated buttermilk is prepared on the previous day of the treatment. It is ensured that it doesn’t go in the eyes or ears. The liquid is then poured gently on the forehead from a certain height. The vessel containing liquid is continuously oscillated so that the liquid falls uniformly over the scalp.

After the procedure is done, head of the patient is wiped with a sterile towel. This is followed by a hot water bath which is medicated. The doctor advises certain food habits to be followed.


There is no such side effect except that the patient may get cold related symptoms.

Takra dhara is a wonderful treatment and thus treatment of choice for hypertension. Centres for takra dhara in Delhi is believed to cure many hypertensive patients. Aasha ayurveda is one of the centre for takra dhara in Delhi that has a record of curing, preventing and controlling certain specific diseases.

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