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Panchakarma Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatic arthritis is a chronic disease of unexplained cause. It is a disorder characterized by chronic inflammatory joints.


Age factor- commonly occurs between the age group of 30 – 50. It occurs from early childhood to late old age.
HLA types- there is a strong association between susceptibility to rheumatic arthritis and certain HLA haplotypes.
Gender – women before the menopause are affected more often than men.
In occasional families it affects several generations.

According to Ayurveda Improper digestion of food is the root cause of all the diseases. Virudh aahar when consumed results in mandaagni (poordigestion). This mandaagni results in formation of aama which along with vitiated vata casues aamvaata. 
Poor digestive system (mandaagni)
Excessive exercise
Sedentary life style
Intake of snigdha pradarth (aliphatic food)

Causes of vitiated vaata
-intake of cold .dry food in small quantity
-staying awake at night
-intake of contradictory food
-taking fast
-excessive exercise etc

On proper digestion of  food rasa is produced. Ranjaka pitta with its heat changes the digested rasa into a color of blood. The undigested rasa is called aama which is carried by aggravated vaata to different parts of the body. Aama has same properties as of kapha dosha. Hence the line of treatment involves use of vata kapha shamak drugs.


Pain and stiffness in small joints of the hands which is worse in the morning
Feeling of tiredness and unwell.
Joints are usually warm and tender with some joint swelling.
Limitations of movement and muscle wasting.
Deformities develop as the disease progresses.


Rheumatic arthritis centres in Delhi provides following possible treatment.
There is no curative agent available for rheumatic arthritis however symptoms are controlled with NSAIDs and analgesics.
DMARDs (disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs) prevents the long term irreversible damaging effects of inflammation of the joints.

There is no such treatment for rheumatic arthritis in allopathic medicine. Ayurveda is the only line of treatment.

Rheumatic arthritis treatment in Ayurveda

One must consult rheumatic arthritis doctor in Delhi before going ahead for rheumatic arthritis treatment in ayurveda

Panchakarma for rheumatic arthritis treatment in  Delhi involves generously done snehana, swedana, niruhbasti, vamana, and virechana using old ghee , oil or mustard oil.

Other procedures include janu basti, upnah, parishek,langhan and yoga.

Drugs used by rheumatic arthritis doctors in Delhi for rheumatic arthritis treatment in Ayurveda are-
Guduchi etc

Rheumatic arthritis centres in Delhi/rheumatic arthritis doctors in Delhi

Rheumatic arthritis treatment in Delhi  is done in the following rheumatic arthritis centres in Delhi.

Wadhwan clinic
Kurias earth hospital
Aasha Ayurveda
Sri vaidya kerala Ayurveda
SKK Ayurveda and panchakarma centre
The national institute of arthritis

Dr G.N Goyal
Dr Chanchal Sharma
Dr Varun Singla
Dr abha gupta
Dr Praveen Rustagi
Rheumatic arthritis being a chronic disease requires a treatment that controls the pain, inflammation and brings mobility in the stiffed joints. It’s a proven fact that Ayurveda is the only choice of treatment which is safe for osteoarthritis.

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