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Recurrent abortion is defined as a sequence of three or more consecutive spontaneous abortion before 20 weeks. Some may consider two or more as standard. Ayurvedic treatment for recurrent abortion helps strengthen the uterus to hold the fetus.
This distressing problem is affecting approximately 1% of all women of reproductive age. The risk increases with each successive abortion reaching over 30% after three consecutive losses. Recurrent abortion treatment may help a woman womb hold the fetus.

It has been calculated that after one abortion , the risk of another is 20%, after two abortion 25% and after three abortions about 30%. Thus no matter what treatment is used, the apparent cure rate after three abortions will range between 70-85%. Reassurance and tender loving care are very much helpful. Ayurvedic treatment for miscarriage includes panchakarma therapy,ayurvedic drugs and beeja shudhi and garbha sanskaar sessions.

Specific factors which are responsible for early or late abortion.
Charaka samhita defines such uterus as putraghni yoni and in jatisootraya chapter miscarriage has been named as garbhasrava or garbhapaat.


Genetic factors
Endocrine and metabolic
Inherited thrombophilia
Immunological causes and 

Anatomic abnormalities may be due to defective mulleria fusion- 10 to 15%

Cervical imcompetence 20%

Recurrent abortion treatment includes-
Hysteroscopic resection
Suppressing hypersecretion of LH
Control of diabetes and thyroid disorders
Genital tract infections are treated appropriately

Cause of abortion in Ayurveda is vitiated vata (apana vayu) Intake of ruksha aahar vihar causes the imbalance of vata dosha. The vitiated vata again and again destroys the garbha developed from polluted aartava. So the ayurvedic treatment for recurrent abortion includes vata shamak chikitsa.
In this formation of fetus takes place quickly but due to polluted aartava it is not nourished properly. When a female consumes dry food the vata dosha gets aggravated which results in bleeding. Bleeding thus destroys the garbha. Charaka has considered vata as the main dosha. Whereas susruta considered pitta as the main dosha.

Following ayurvedic treatment for recurrent abortion is administered.
Vata nashak snehana swedana
Uttara basti with ghrit made of  kwatha of bark of gambhari and indrayav. One must use oil and kwatha of sour drugs or its swarasa for uttara basti.

Gharbhasthapaka drugs

Bala tael
Kshmaryadi ghrit
Pippliyadi yoga
Vrishkadi churna
Brihat shatavari ghrita
Udumbaradi tael

Counseling the couple or educating the couple about beeja shuddhi and garbha sanskaar may alleviate anxiety and improve the psychology.

Ayurvedic treatment for miscarriage includes intake of herbal medicines orally and internally through panchakarma, maintaining proper diet and lifestyle and education about beeja shudhi and garbha sanskaar so that proper care is taken is advance and woman is prepared both physically and mentally. Thus ayurvedic treatment for miscarriage is advised to treat and avoid any complications. One must always visit a gynaecologist for recurrent abortion treatment.  Aasha ayuvedic centre is the solution for your problem.

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