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Best Osteoarthritis Treatment in Delhi


Knee joint is the most common disease found in menopausal women and which increases with age. It is the most common type of arthritis.


Age factor- it is common in aged people however it may affect young adults as well.
It may run in the family.
Sports injury
Gender factor- commonly found in women. Occurrence is mostly after menopause.

According to Ayurveda cause of osteoarthritis is vitiated vata. Given below are the situations when there is imbalance of vata-

-intake of cold .dry food in small quantity
-staying awake at night
-intake of contradictory food
-taking fast
-excessive exercise etc


It affects many joints particularly hip and knee joint. There is pain in joints, stiffness, loss of function, joint tenderness.

Same symptoms are mentioned in Ayurveda for  vitiated vata doshas
-        inflammation in joints
-        pain on moving the joints
-        stiffnesss
One must see the doctor without any delay. Early the treatment is started easier it becomes to manage the disease.


Osteoarthritis centres in Delhi provide education about the disease and its effects which reduces pain, distress and disability and increases compliance with treatment. Following osteoarthritis treatment in Delhi are available-
-Weight loss and exercise are useful.
-Drugs should be used only in severe cases. Analgesics and NSAISs are used.(NSAIDs may increase the cartilage damage)
-Surgery is done in those with severe cases.

Ayurvedic approach is the best and safest for osteoarthritis treatment .


One must consult a proper osteoarthritis ayurvedic doctor in Delhi before starting osteoarthritis treatment in ayurveda. Treatment focuses mainly on control of pain and inplammation.

There are many osteoarthritis centres in Delhi that offer panchakarma treatment. Drugs used are all natural with no side effects but if such herbs are mixed with a chemical there may be certain side effects. 


Using vatashamak oil

Type of swedana is selected according to the need of the patient.

By doing snehana and swedana the stiffness in joints is relieved to some extent and can be extended and flexed.

Mriduverechana (mild purgation)
Using sesame ghrit, eranda tael.

It is beneficial in all types of dieseases caused by vata. Such patients are advised to be treated with sweet, sour, salty and oily(ghee, tael, etc) food.

Basti karma-
Basti applied here is called janu (knee) basti. A cavity is made with a wet flour on the knee and filled with warm oil. (vatashamak oil)

Drugs used by osteoarthritis doctors in Delhi for osteoarthritis treatment in Ayurveda are-
Nirgundi tael
Mahavata vidhwansa rasa etc

Osteoarthritis centres in Delhi/osteoarthritis doctors in Delhi

Osteoarthritis treatment in Delhi  is done in the following osteoarthritis centres in Delhi.

Wadhwan clinic
Kurias earth hospital
Aasha Ayurveda
Sri vaidya kerala Ayurveda

Dr G.N Goyal
Dr Chanchal Sharma
Dr Varun Singla
Dr Praveen Rustagi

Osteoarthritis being a chronic disease requires a treatment that controls the pain, inflammation and brings mobility in the stiffed joints. It’s a proven fact that Ayurveda is the only choice of treatment which is safe for osteoarthritis.

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