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what is Netra Tarpanam and benefits of Netra Tarpanam ?


Netra tarpan may also be called netra basti. Netra is a Sanskrit word for eye and tarpan or basti means bathing or pooling eyes with medicated ghee or oil. A cabin is built around the eyes with a kneaded wheat flour to retain the medicated oil/ghee. This when used as a curative or preventive method is called netra tarpan therapy.

This therapy is for those who wish to maintain their eyes healthy and as a cure for those suffering from any type of eye disease.

People are more prone to get diseases because of today’s lifestyle. Although the technology has increased in all the spheres along with it has developed illness in those who don’t take care of their body. Through eyes we see this beautiful world around us. It is important to protect it in all way possible. People who have vision issue think that only a pair of spectacles or a laser therapy will improve their vision. Never would have they realized that a proper diet, little exercise and a holistic approach of ayurveda could do wonders that is impossible to believe unless one comes across.]


Maintains a healthy eye by removing dust particles from cornea.
Treats dry eye
Rejuvenates eye
Improves blurred vision
Has a soothing effect on eye 
Strengthens the eye tissue
Improves blood circulation
Reduces burning sensation
Keeps the hair of the eye lids healthy
Pacifies aggravated vata dosha 
Reduces dark circle if therapy is taken regularly
Treats diseases like squint, myopia, night blindness, watery eyes, pain in the eyes etc

Netra tarpan ayurvedic treatment heals the eyes without any surgical intervention or use of medicines that have side effects. 


Kneaded black gram flour is used to make a cabin around the eyes in such a way that the oil when poured is retained within it for a specific duration. Before this massage is done around the eyes.The medicated ghee or oil is poured, while the eyes is closed, in the cabin and kept for specific duration depending upon the disease.

This treatment should be performed only after consulting a certified doctor.

Delhi is one of the most polluted city in India. Our eyes is exposed to such a wide variety of chemicals and dust particles in the air. There are ayurvedic centres for netra tarpan in Delhi that you can rely upon for healthy eyes. Aasha ayurveda is one of the centre that is an expertise for netra tarpan in Delhi. 

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