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what is Nasyam and benefits of Nasyam ?

What is nasya karma?

“नासायम प्राणियमानमौषधं नस्यम”

Medicine that is administered through nose is called nasyam. 

Nasya karma is the 4th step in panchakarma.Medicine through nose reaches the minute channels in the temple region then in whole brain, eyes, ears throat etc. medicated inhalation through nose or insulfation or nasya ayurvedic therapy is an important part of the treatment.

For diseases above the collar bone nasya panchkarma is the treatment of choice. Nose is considered the entrance towards head and so the medicine inhaled reached the complete part of the head and removes toxins.


According to their action nasya therapy is of 2 types-

Virechan nasya

Medicated oil, ghee etc is used to clean the nasal zone. It is beneficial in chronic headaches, throat infection or disease, epilepsy, loss of senses through nose, certain skin diseases and other diseases caused by vitiated kapha. Virechan nasya uses drugs that have teekshna quality. Sushruta mentions dosage as 8 drops per nasal cavity, 6 drops is moderate and 4 drops is minimum. According to the dosha the dosage can be increased or decreased.

Minimum dose- 8 drops per nasal cavity
Moderate dose- 12 drops per nasal cavity
Maximum dose- 16 drops per nasal cavity

Brihan nasya
Drugs used are same as that of virechan nasya except that nourishing ingredients is also added. It is beneficial in tooth ache, ear pain, soar throat, loss of sleep, difficulty in speech, and other diseases caused due to aggravated vata. If disease occurring above the collar bone is due to vitiated vata then brihan nasya is used.

Shaman nasya
Drugs used are same as in virechan nasya and brihan nasya except, drugs that brings immediate relief is added.
Minimum dosage- 8 drops per nasal cavity
Moderate dosage- 16 drops per nasal cavity
Maximum dosage- 32 drops per nasal cavity

On the basis of dosage nasya karma is of two types. The below two nasya is also called snehan nasya. Aruna tail is best for snehan nasya

Marsha nasya
Dosage of marsha nasya varies according to the disease.
Minimum dose- 6 drops
Moderate dose- 8 drops
Maximum dose- 10 drops

Pratimarsha nasya
Dosage of pratimarsha nasya is always two drops.

Avpeedan nasya
When medicinal decoction or paste is used in virechan nasya it is called avpeedan.

Pradhaman nasya
Medicine when used in a powder form in virechan nasya is called pradhaman nasya.


Nasya ayurvedic treatment is contraindicated in the following situation-
After taking meal
After bathing when the hair is wet
Whose blood is extracted 
Person who controls natural urges
Who have gone through vaman, virechan and basti
Before bath
Age less than 7 and more than 80
During menstruation
Irregular heartbeats
Before going out in cold weather


Ayurveda text mentions particular kala in a season to administer nasya therapy. In winter season, noon is the best time for nasya karma, morning time during autumn and spring, during evening in summer and in monsoons only when sun is visible. This applies for people who are healthy.

Ideal season for nasya ayurvedic treatment is grishma, sharad and varsha ritu when the sky is clear.

Person who is not healthy must be given nasya karma accordingly. In kapha aggravated disease before noon, in pittaja aggravated diseases midday and in vataja aggravated diseases in afternoon.

A person going taking panchakarma treatment, marsha nasya is administered immediately after basti karma.



It is made sure that the patient is not suffering from any kind of diseases caused due to controlling the natural urges.
Head of the patient is massaged with local fomentation and is asked to be relaxed during the treatment.

Pradhan  karma

Person is laid on his back with slight elevation of leg and head tilted backside. Eyes is covered. Medicine is administered in each nostril according to the dose the doctor finds suitable.

Paschat karma

Patient now is asked to concentrate on breathing. And hand, feet, shoulder, palms is massaged.


-        strengthens brain
-        improves the quality and growth of hair. Makes hair stronger and helps in treating dandruff issue.
-        Enhances the sense organs and protects ears.nose and throat from diseases.
-        Delays ageing
-        Around 72 diseases of eyes mentioned in ayurveda can be cured through nasya karma.

Nasya ayurvedic therapy is the best treatment when it comes to cure diseases of supraclavicular region. It is not only a curative therapy but also a preventive measure against diseases occurring above the collarbone. It is always advised to take such treatments under a skilled professional. Dr AANCHAL SHARMA in Aasha ayurveda provides nasya ayurvedic treatment using pure herbal medicine without causing any side effects.

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