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Menopause treatment in Ayurveda

MENOPAUSE (rajonivritti)

Menopause is defined as the time of cessation of ovarian function resulting in permanent amenorrhoea (absence of menstrual cycle). It takes twelve months of amenorrhoea to confirm that menopause has set in. One can visit menopause doctors in Delhi.
Usually occurs between 45 – 50 years.

रसदेवास्त्रिया रक्तरंजाप्रवर्तते त्वद्शरदः द्वादशवर्धाः यतापिचः क्षयं|| 
srotas and agni when do not function properly leads to under nutrition of the tissues.
Aartava is a term used for menstruation and its cessation is called rajonivritti.


Its cause is unknown as it’s a natural process .

Age factor or kala- Ayurveda lays emphasis upon the kala. Human body goes through certain changes at every phase of life and hence menopause is the one.
It’s a nature (swabhava) of the body.

Any damage to the reproductive system (arteries etc) may cause menopause.


Some women gets confused with pregnancy.

60 to 70 % women go through menopausal period without any problems. 

Hot flushes and sweating are the most noticeable features which diminishes over a period of 1 to 2 years.

Sensation of pins and needles in the extremities

Sexual feelings and libido may increase in some. Dysuria , stress, recurrent urinary infection, dry vagina.

Headache, palpitations, noise intolerance, body ache, foul smell, itching in the vagina,weight gain, anxiety 

On having these symptoms its always better to visit menopause doctors (gynaecologist)for meanopause treatment in Delhi which is available at various  menopause clinics in Delhi NCR.

Ayurveda had mentioned two types of menopause
1)        kalaj rajonivriti (occurs on its time)
2)        akalaja rajonivriti (occurs before time i.e early menopause)


There are many menopause clinics in Delhi run by good menopause doctors (gynaecologist) in Delhi NCR

The clinician adopts a holistic approach towards management of health problems of menopausal women. Hormonal therapy is given according to the requirement.

Counseling – woman often develops pregnancy and cancer phobia. Diet should include calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D. soyabeans are good. Weight bearing exercises prevents or delays osteoporosis.

Mild tranquillizers relieve anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

Hormone replacement therapy is not required in all menopausal women.

Menopause being a natural process no such medicines are mentioned in Ayurveda. However drugs for dhatishaya and rasayana may be used.

Early menopause treatment in Ayurveda

Menopause is related with balance of vata pitta doshas. Ayurvedic approach focuses on strengthening and rejuvenating the body through proper aahar, vihar and life style modification.

Rasayan such as brahmarasayan, chyawanprash, aamlaka rasayan, haritikyadi rasayana may be used

Panchakarma is useful in rejuvenating the body.

Menopause treatment in Delhi/menopause clinics in Delhi

Ahuja clinic
Gynae bliss clinic
Bliss and bless women health clinic

Ayurvedic treatment in Delhi for early menopause treatment in ayurveda
Aasha Ayurveda
Jiva Ayurveda
Kurias earth hospital

Therefore treatment options are not so many and is restricted to hormonal therapy. In this case early menopausal treatment through Ayurveda has a good success rate in strengthening and rejuvenating the body through the natural way.

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