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what is kati-basti and benefits of kati-basti ?


Kati means low back and meaning of basti is a compartment retaining the medicated oil, decoction, ghee etc. Basti in ayurveda means a bladder that holds urine for some time till the person urinates. In the same manner basti is a cabin formed which retains warm medicated oil for specific duration and later is poured out.  Kati basti therapy is the best treatment for pain in lower back covering lumbar and sacral region.

Kati basti ayurvedic treatment involves pouring/retaining or pooling the lumbo sacral area with warm medicated oil within the cabin formed by black gram flour.


Lower back pain is one of the commonest disease that one comes across once in a life. Today’s lifestyle, low immunity, sedentary life, obesity etc is increasing the rate of back pain frequency. Back pain may occur due to nerve compression or tension in muscles.

We are fortunate to have treatment for kati basti in Delhi. kati basti therapy works wonder in low back pain. The pain is relieved and it is reported that the patients totally forgot the pain they were suffering. Such wonderful is the result of kati basti ayurvedic treatment.

Low back pain is relieved
Relieves the stiffness in back muscles
Swelling and inflammation in the low back is cured
Improves the blood circulation in lower back region

Apart from all these it is beneficial in curing the following diseases-

Lumbar spondylosis
Sacro iliac joint pain or dysfunction
Inter vertebral disc prolapse or lumbar disc order or spinal disc herniation
Spina bifida and etc


Kati basti ayurvedic treatment involves the following karmas-


The doctor examines the patient’s prakriti and vikriti thoroughly. Which helps the physician to decide the type of oil to be used and the duration. Material needed are collected. Pinda swedana is given for few days before starting kati basti.


Kati basti is done in the morning when kapha dosha is predominating in nature. Performed in noon if symptoms are pittaja and in the evening if vata dosha predominates.
Kati basti is performed on empty stomach and made to lie in prone position. A cabin is formed to hold the medicated oil. Warm medicated oil is then poured in the compartment. The oil poured is recycled so that the temperature of the oil is maintained.


Ksheerabala tail
Pinda tail
Tila tail
Mahanarayana tail
Balashwagandhadi tail etc


Oil is removed slowly and stored. The same oil is used for massage on the back, lower limbs and feet. Following this pinda swedana is given and the patient then rests for an hour and later asked to take hot water bath.

The treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days depending upon the nature of the disease with per session taking 30 to 45 minutes.

Kati basti is the best treatment for low back pain. What matters is choosing the experienced ayurvedic physician to help you in healing the back pain. Kati basti can be administered in healthy individual who aims to promote his/her health. If one has occasional back pain it is recommended to visit an ayurvedic doctor soon to avoid serious conditions. People who are engaged with jobs that makes you vulnerable towards back problem and those whose posture is not correct are advised to take preventive measures i.e kati basti sessions.

Aasha Ayurveda offers kati basti in Delhi, practiced by skilled therapist under the guidance of experienced ayurvedic doctor, Dr Chanchal Sharma . 

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