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what is kashya-basti and benefits of kashya-basti ?


Kashaya basti therapy is a part of basti treatment.
Basti in the term used for urinary bladder of certain animals that was used in ancient time to administer medicated oil, decoction etc through rectum, vagina and urethra to cure diseases of abdomen and reproductive system. As the technology has grown the basti is now replaced with a thin tube called catheter. Through this instrument various medicine is inserted to pacify the aggravated doshas. As in ayurveda the root cause of all diseases is imbalance of the three doshas i.e vata, pitta, kapha hence it is necessary to balance them.

Basti treatment cures almost all the diseases mentioned in ayurvedic medicine hence no wonder it is called ardhchikitsa. It has an important part in panchakarma.

Kashaya basti means the medicine used is astringent/kashaya( slightly acidic or bitter in taste or smell) in nature. Medicine administered is in the form of  medicated kada (decoction).


Kashaya basti ayurvedic treatment involves the following procedure. It is performed in empty stomach.


Patient must go through sneha basti before taking kashaya basti. Oil, ghee, honey etc are used in sneha basti. The doctor examines the patient and decides the decoction to be used and the duration of the therapy. Snehan and swedana is important so that the body is relaxed. The part of the instrument that will enter the rectum is lubricated and also the anus is lubricated so that friction is avoided to ease the procedure.

Position of the patient while performing kashaya basti therapy should be left lateral, as the therapist need to make sure that the drug reaches the duodenum which is closer to left side of our body.


The medicated decoction is then inserted through the rectum and is retained inside for specific time period so that the purpose of the medicated decoction is achieved. It balances the doshas and removes the toxins from the body. The channels are clean and purified.


After insertion of medicine the patient should relax and lie in supine position. Abdomen is massaged till the patient feels the urge to use the toilet.
Massage is done using panchagurna tail, chandanabala tail etc.


Dosage is decided by the doctor after examining the patient and depending upon the disease


Kashaya basti when used with sneha basti enhances its benefits.Kashaya basti therapy is not only a curative procedure but also helps in preventing certain diseases like constipation, neurological disorders, flatulence, lower back ache, gout, rheumatism, gastric problems, relieves sciatic pain, numbness and pain are reduced by stimulating the nerves, relieves osteoporosis pain, pacifies vata dosha hence curing vaatik diseases, hyper acidity etc.


It is done primarily in the vitiation of vata dosha and abdominal disorders.


People with piles, hemorrhoids or any of the rectal disease.
People above70 years of age
After consumption of sneha
Severely weak person
Intoxicated person
Severe cough
Who has breathing problem
Urinary disorders
Obesity and etc.

We all certainly don’t want our family and ourselves to go through the pain of the diseases. We all are gifted with a life so beautiful then why not take care of this body and enjoy god’s creation. Why to let our body attacked by diseases if it can be prevented. When it comes to taking precautions nothing can beat the science of ayurveda. Kashaya basti in Delhi is performed in many ayurvedic centres but one must choose it wisely. Aasha ayurveda is a centre that treats patients with this holistic science. kashaya basti ayurvedic treatment in performed by highly skilled therapist under supervision of Dr Chanchal Sharma who is also a specialist in kashaya basti in Delhi.

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