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Acidity is a common condition that most of us have come across. 
It is a condition of excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid (essential in digestive process) in stomach. 

In ayurveda acidity is called amla pitta. This means that there is an imbalance of pitta dosha. Pitta dosha is the one responsible for acid indigestion. Kapha generated mucous and controls the digestive juice. indigestion due to weak metabolism and mucous accumulation are the symptoms in acid reflux.

The aggravated pitta hampers the jathragni. This results in improper digestion of food which results in producing toxins i.e aama. The toxins obstruct the digestive channels which results in hyperacidity. Ayurvedic treatment for hyperacidity is very beneficial as hyperacidity ayurvedic medicine comes with quick relief and no side effects to bother about.  Hyperacidity ayurvedic treatment have always been in demand.


Skipping meals
Less water intake
Consuming fast food
Excessive use of spices
Intake of stale food
Taking meal before indigestion of the previous taken meal
Intake of contradictory food
Eating late at night
Suppressing natural urges


Loss of appetite
Feeling restless
Dry cough (chronic)
Stomach pain
Throat burn
Chest pain
Ulcer in mouth
Foul smelling of breath

Complications of acidity includes severe pain in abdomen, excessive vomiting, gastric ulcers etc. However there is always a ray of hope. Ayurvedic treatment for hyperacidity and its complication, is treated by best acidity doctors in Delhi using hyperacidity ayurvedic medicines.


Depending upon the condition of the disease, medicine is prescribed for acidity. But if the condition is severe surgery is performed so that production of acid is reduced. 
Treatment involves avoiding the causative factors described above.
Ayurveda treats an ailment with herbal drugs along with pathya , apathya regime to be followed. All below are available as an option for hyperacidity ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment involves suppressing the aggravated pitta dosha

Avipattikar churna
Kamdudha rasa

If patient doesn’t overcome the problem with oral drugs then panchakarma treatment is undertaken. Panchakarma treatment vamana or virechan whatever is needed should be administered accordingly. Asthapan basti is beneficial in chronic cases of hyperacidity.

Acidity treatment in Delhi by few of the best acidity doctors in Delhi are

Dr Chanchal Sharma (Ayurvedic) 

Aasha Ayurveda

Precaution is always better than sure. Instead of taking hyperacidity ayurvedic medicine or going for any form of hyperacidity ayurvedic treatment/ayurvedic treatment for hyperacidity it is always better to avoid the causative factors causing acidity.
Those suffering from hyperacidity are suggested that ayurvedic approach is always the best for acidity treatment in Delhi as the best acidity doctors in Delhi are easily available and accessible

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