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Hair Treatment


Hair loss is most common and a very stressful problem now days.  Heavy, dense, lustrous hair is need of every person for good personality, confidence and for being presentable. But, now a days, unfortunately, hair fall has become a serious issue due to life style disorders like PCOD, Anxiety, Stress, Bad Dietary habits, excessive pollution etc.


  1. Vata Dosha: Imbalance in Vata Dosha is one of the major factors for poor nourishment of the Hair. Vata is responsible for the channelization of nutrients from the food to the each and every body part inclusive of Hair. So, if Vata Dosha is aggravated, proper nourishment to hair is not provided and Hair fall occurs. 
  2. Pitta Dosha: It is second major factor for Hair Loss and Hair thinning. It is directly related to fire/ Agni in the Body. It is responsible for hair thinning, complexion of body, hair color etc. It is the key Dosha behind blood production. Absorption of nutrients from food depends on Pitta Dosha.

It is aggravated by Sour products, Junkfoods, Excessive Spicy and chilly products etc.

  1. Unhealthy Bones: As per Ayurveda, Hair and Nails are the mala of Asthi Dhatu. So, if Asthi Dhatu- Your bones are not healthy, your Hair can never be. Vitamin D and Calcium are very important aspects in getting Healthy Hair or to prevent Hair loss.
  2. Other factors responsible for Hair Fall / Hair loss are-
  • PCOD
  • OLD AGE- due to aggravated Vata dosha
  • Post Delivery
  • Post Weight loss
  • Late Night Sleep
  • Smoking Cigarette
  • Consuming Excessive Alcohol
  • Regular intake of Pickles.


Ayurveda works on root cause of Hair fall. It focuses on balancing all the three Doshas and lifestyle management.

  1. Balanced Diet: Proper ingestion, Absorption, assimilation and digestion of food is very important.  One should increase intake of Green leafy vegetables, milk and milk products like Fresh Cheese, ghee, curd, paneer etc. Dry fruits like Almonds, Cashew, Apricot are very good source of nutrients for hair.
  2. Bhringraj- It has power of reversing Baldness.  You can take it in powder form or as Asav preparation.
  3. Brahmi oil: Massaging the scalp with Brahmi oil rejuvenates the scalp, clears the hair follicles and thus increases the blood circulation the head.
  4. Neem Powder: Apply neem paste at night and wash head in the morning. It reduces hair fall, increases luster if skin and thickening of hair.
  5. Aamlaki Rasayan: It is the rejuvenating medicine that’s why called Rasayana. It has capacity to remove baldness. It is very rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Application of paste of Amlaki , bhrinraj, brahmi and other hair tonics on hair for 30 min and then washing it reduces hair fall a lot. After that you can apply Amla juice or lemon juice in Hair for better nourishment and for Ayurvedic Management of Dandruff.


  1. Shiroabhyangam: It improves the blood Circulation, removes the toxins and opens the hair Follicles.
  2. Shirodhara:  It makes hair Shiny, dense and Lustrous. It also helps in removing Dandruff problem. Medicated oil is poured over head along with a gentle massage. It rejuvenates the scalp and recombats hairloss.
  3. Nasyam: It is said in Ayurveda that NASA hi Shirso Dwaram Medicated oil in poured in nose with a proper technique and it internally nourishes the scalp, detoxifies the body, stimulates the hormonal glands and thus solves the problem.
  4. Raktmokshana: It is the best procedure to remove toxins and pitta dosha from Blood. We use leech therapy method of raktmokshana in Hair fall. 4-5 leeches are applied in bald area and they suck the impure blood, open the follicles, improve the blood circulation in scalp.

So, If you are suffering from Hair loss and fed up taking treatment, getting therapies done , VISIT AASHA AYURVEDA at Rajouri Garden for the best treatment for Hair loss or Best ayurvedic treatment for Hair loss. Call at 9811773770.

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