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what is Manya Basti (Greeva Basti) and benefits of Manya Basti (Greeva Basti) ?


Manya is a Sanskrit word meaning neck in English and basti is the therapy that involves retaining, pouring or pooling the medicated oil, decoction, ghee etc on the nape of neck by creating a bar or a compartment with a kneaded black gram four.


According to ayurveda all the pain occurring in the body is due to aggravated vata and basti is the treatment of choice to pacify the vata dosha. Hence any pain in the cervical or neck region is healed by manya basti therapy.

Benefits of manya basti ayurvedic treatment may vary from patient to patient but the therapy has a good healing success rate. In today’s world the life style and the profession involving sitting in one place for longer duration, working on the computer or people who do hand knitting,  even in home the elderly and children involved only in watching television or playing game etc causes strain and stiffness in neck region. It is a painful and common condition these days.

It improves the blood circulation around the neck and shoulder.
Relieves pain and stiffness
Brings flexibility and smooth movement
Relieves the stress and congested nerves, bone and muscles on the cervical and shoulder region 

Manya basti ayurvedic treatment treats the following diseases which is available in centres of manya basti in Delhi.

It relieves the cervical pain
Useful in cervical spondylitis
Benefits in the numbness of neck region and hands cures tingling sensation.
Spinal stenosis
Sprains and strains of the muscle
Spinal stenosis
Migraine with aura
Fibromyalgia and etc


Amongst all the treatment for neck pain manya basti is the treatment of choice.The duration of the therapy may last from 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Examination of the patient is done thoroughly so that type and quantity of medicated decoction, oil or ghee can be decided and also the duration of the manya basti therapy. A cabin is made with wet flour of black gram. Pinda swdana is recommended few days before manya basti.
Massage in the lower back with medicated oil is followed by hot fomentation.


Manya basti is done at the time of the day when kapha dosha predominates. Kapha dosha is responsible for stiffness and swelling. So the best time to perform this therapy is early morning. It is performed on empty stomach since the patient is required to lie in prone position.
Warm medicated oil, decoction or ghee is poured in the compartment created on the nape of the neck and the warm medicated oil in recycled so that the temperature is maintained same throughout the procedure.


Mahanarayana tail
Tikta ghritam
Tila tail
Mahamasha tail
Pinda tail
Guggulutikta ghritam
Ashwagandhabalakshadi tail


Oil and flour is removed followed by a massage with the same oil. Pinda swedana is done in circular motion with gentle pressure. Patient is asked to take hot water bath and is given matra basti. 

Duration of the therapy is 7 to 14 days  depending upon the nature of disease.

Manya basti is the best treatment for any form of neck pain. One must consult an ayurvedic physician for the problem and follow the treatment advised.Many centres and ayurvedic clinics offer manya basti in Delhi. Manya basti is also used as a preventive therapy to take care of the neck. Aasha ayurveda has a successful record in treating neck pain through manya basti, in Delhi.

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