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A digestive system condition where the feces is hard and is difficult to expel is constipation. It is one of the major common problem faced.

Constipation in Ayurveda is called mal baddhata or kostha baddhata.
Vitiated vata dosha is the reason for constipation. Aggravated vata causes dryness in the body which also dries the fecal matter. This results in delay is passage of the stool. Other doshas may also be included.
Apana vata is responsible for elimination of the waste products. The waste products might get obstructed because of excess kapha. Ayurvedic treatment for constipation is safest and the best. Delhi has few of the best ayurvedic doctors for constipation.

Geographical conditions of Kerala are best suited for plantation of ayurvedic herbs. But not a concern anymore for people in Delhi as Kerala ayurvedic medicines for constipation is used by ayurvedic centres by few of the best ayurvedic doctors in Delhi.


- Too much absorption of water by the colon causes constipation.
- Lack of dietary food
- Physically not much active
- Medications like antidepressants, anticonvulsants, diuretics etc
- Pregnancy
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Some disease and conditions
- Age factor, as it is seen more common in older people
- Not drinking enough water etc

Ayurvedic cause for constipation includes 

Suppression of the urge to pass flatulence or stool
Not eating on time and disturbance in sleep routine
Excessive fasting
Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise
Liver disorders
Over eating
Fat diet in excess
Excess travelling
Excess intake of vata aggravating food
Emotional disturbance


- Dark, dry stool in small amounts
- Difficulty in passing stool
- Feeling of rectum blockage
- Straining while passing stool
- Stomach ache
- Feeling bloated
- Bleeding from the rectum
- Mouth smells foul
- Headache


Constipation is not a disease. It’s a condition that resolves itself or with some home remedies.
- Laxatives
- Stimulants
- Stool softener
- Fibre supplements and etc
Using above can have side effects as well and therefore should be taken under medical supervision and must avoid to take it in a long run.

In serious cases where the drugs don’t work surgery is required to remove part of the colon.

Severe complications can result into serious conditions like fissure, hemorrhoids etc

Constipation treatment in ayurveda 

Ayurvedic treatment for constipation involves as follows-
Intake of vata suppressing drugs
Intake of fibrous fruits and vegetables
Drinking enough of warm water
Avipattikar churna
Triphala ghrit

Panchakarma as an ayurvedic treatment for constipation

Abhyang ,Mridu swedana ,virechan,and Yapana Basti are the therapy for constipation.
To name, few of the best doctors for constipation in Delhi are
Dr Chanchal Sharma

centres for constipation treatment in ayurveda
aasha ayurvedic centre

Any of the medication and suggestions must be followed by supervision of  qualified ayurvedic doctors. Ayurvedic treatment for constipation has yeild many positive results with no side effects at all. constipation treatment in ayurveda when performed by administering  kerala ayurvedic medicine for constipation works very much efficiently.

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