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what is Basti and benefits of Basti ?


“बस्तिनं दियते इति बास्तिः”
Medicine that is administered through basti is called basti.

Literal meaning of basti is urinary bladder. Medicine is administered through the bladder of goat etc and through this the medicine reaches straight in the bladder of the patient hence the name basti. This was used in times when practitioners were not well equipped. Today soft rubber tube and syringe is used to administer enema through rectum.

Basti treatment is a procedure where the medicated oil,ghee etc enters through anus, urethra or vaginal canal. Basti in ayurveda is used as both curative and preventive treatment method.

After two stages of panchakarma comes the third stage i.e basti therapy or basti karma. Medication through basti is regarded the best for vata aggravated diseases. Kayachikitsa  (medicine) is one of the branch of ayurveda that deals with cure of almost all the diseases. Basti panchakarma treatment is considered half of the kayachikitsa because of its various actions like samshodhan, sanshaman, samgrahana, vajikarana,brahmana, karshana and vayasthapana.


Basti ayurvedic treatment includes 8 types of basti-

Asthapan basti/ niruh basti
This basti expels the disease causing dosha hence the name niruha basti. (niruha means to eliminate)

It is contraindicated in indigestion, weak digestive system, excess weak, immediately after taking food or water, after laborious work, after travelling, cough, dyspnea, cholera etc

Anuvasana basti 
Medicated oil and ghee is the medicine used in this basti. It is also called snaihika basti by Sushruta. It can be used everyday without any side effects

Matra basti
It is a part of anuvasan basti.Quantity of medicine used is equal to the hrasvamatra of sneha.

Uttara basti
It is administered after niruh basti through urethra or vaginal canal.

Karma basti
It is one month long treatment usually for vata aggravated dosha.

Kala basti
This is used usually for 15 days and in pitta dosha dominant and vata disorder.

Yoga basti
It is administered usually for 8 days in patients with kapha vata doshas.

Brihan basti
This is used for nourishment and enhances the immunity. Nutritious products are used.


Basti is said to be the primary mode of treatment for diseases caused by vata dosha. Lower gastro intestinal tract (pakwashaya)is the main site of vata dosha and is also the main site of action of basti in ayurveda. Among all the five stages of panchakarma basti is the most important treatment reason being it pacifies vata dosha which is considered the root of all the diseases.

Madicines inserted through basti reaches the superficial layer of muscles thus purifying the intestine and nourishes the villi which enchances the absorption of nutrients and micronutrients.


Basti panchakarma treatment pacifies vata dosha and benefits in curing the following diseases-

Diseases of bones and joints
Parasite infestation
Abdominal conditions due to improper digestion
Disorders in urinary bladder
Nervous disorders or neurological problems

Ikshavagu,Kutaja,Bilwa,Pippali,Vacha,Madhuka,Triphala,  Eranda,Trikatu,Dashmoola,Madhuradi skandadi dravya,Manjishtha, lavana etc


Basti treatment if done in contraindicated persons may result in murchha, karshya,prnana himsa,vyadhivrudhi etc

Basti ayurvedic treatment involves use of medicines prepared by combining many medicinal herbs.
Such medicated basti helps in-
-Expelling the doshas 
-Pacifies aggravated vata
-Works as brihan chikitsa i.e help the lean person to gain weight
-Helps in reducing weight, beneficial in obesity
-Delays ageing and premature greying of hair
-Promotes health and improves the quality of life
-Provides nourishment to the eyes and etc.

Hence after discussing the basti therapy, its benefits and complications makes it very important to take this treatment under highly skilled professionals. Aasha ayurveda has skilled professionals that performs basti panchakarma with many years of experience.

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