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what is Abhiyangam and benefits of Abhiyangam ?


Rubbing the body with oil is called abhyanga. Abhyanga is a sanskrit word meaning ‘massage’ with a medicated oil or ghee. It maintains health and cure diseases in certain cases.
Abhyanga massage is also called external oleation.

Abhyanga is a part of snehakarma. Snehkarma is used as a pradhan karma and poorvakarma.

It is better if done in a daily practice. There are many ayurvedic treatment centres for abhyanga therapy in Delhi.Abhyanga is one of the important part of panchakarma that comes under poorvakarma. It prepares the body for panchakarma and also helps in moving the doshas. Abhyanga mainly pacifies the vata dosha.

These days we all are very cautious about our health and ageing. Abhyanga if practiced in daily routine is helpful for those who are skin cautious. As it tones the skin, enhances the glow which automatically delays ageing. 

According to Charaka Samhita sneha can be used in three forms-

Avgaha (tub bath)
Abhyanga (massage)
Parishek (oil falls in a stream on specific area of the body)


Vata dosha can be compared with nervous system. Skin is a bed for sensory nerve endings on the basis of which the tactile sensation functions. Thus oil massage is extremely beneficial in skin diseases due to vitiated vata and cures it immediately.


Person who regularly takes abhyanga massage is safe from any skin disorder occurring due to doing some heavy work. The skin remains soft, its color is maintained and ageing is delayed.

Other benefits includes-

Enhances immunity
Tones the body and makes it firm
Improves blood circulation 
Pacifies vata and pitta dosha
Soothes the sense organs
Good for hair growth and improves its quality as well
Benefits in stiff neck, stiff jaw
Provides nourishment to the body
Reduces facial wrinkles
Maintains good vision when feet is massaged


During the menstrual cycle
In pregnancy
Presence of swollen, painful masses on the body
Certain infection on the skin
Immediately after taking purgatives
Certain medical conditions etc


- Vata pacifying abhyanga
Warm oil is recommended to pacify vata dosha. Abhyanga massage must be performed in a warm place.
Oils like sesame oil, mahanarayana oil, bala tail etc may be used.

- Pitta pacifying abhyanga
Qualities of pitta and oil is same. Herbal oil such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, brahmi oil etc may be used.

- Kapha pacifying abhyanga
Abhyanga with warm oil is best to pacify kapha. 


Aasha ayurveda uses pure herbs and oil for abhyanga therapy in Delhi. Abhyanga may be done with oil, ghee , herbal powder or herbal paste. 

Abhyanga is done in a closed warm room. Oil is generously applied on the entire body. Body is massaged starting with the extremities and then on the chest and abdomen. Abhyanga of the entire body is done for 5 to 20 minutes.

Abhyanga should not be considered the same as other massage. The difference lies in the fact that abhyanga is a therapeutic procedure.


Sarva abhyanga (whole body massage)
Shiro abhyanga (head massage)
Pad abhyanga (foot massage)
Marma abhyanga 
Sutika abhyanga (post natal massage)

Aasha ayurveda is equipped with highly skilled therapist and an experienced doctor under whom the abhyanga massage is undertaken is one of the best centre for Abhyanga in Delhi/abhyanga therapy in Delhi/ayurvedic treatment centres for abhyanga therapy.

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