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Janu Basti Ayurvedic Therapy


Janu basti ayurvedic therapy centres/clinics in Delhi use the following oil mentioned in charaka samhita.

Mahanarayana tael
Ashwagandhabalakchadi tael
Tila tael
Pinda tael 
Guggulu ghrit 
Rasnadi ghrit etc
Manjishtadi kashaay
Maharasnadi kashaay
Guduchyadi kashaay
Rasnadi guggulu
Yogaraja guggulu etc

Janu basti ayurvedic therapy clinic/centres in Delhi

Wadhwan clinic
Kurias earth hospital
Aasha Ayurveda
Sri vaidya kerala Ayurveda
SKK Ayurveda and panchakarma centre
Jeeva Ayurveda
Charaka hospital

All the pain occurs due to aggravated vata dosha for which basti is the treatment of choice. Knee pain is most common with age. It is better to avoid the pain and take precautions first than wait for curing the disease. One must visit an ayurvedic practitioner and follow the regime under the supervision of ayurvedic doctor. Janu basti ayurvedic therapy in Delhi offers the therapy for healthy people as well so that a the pain in knees can be avoided in later life.

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