what is Endometriosis - Symptoms, cause and Treatment, Endometriosis Doctors?



Endometrium is the lining in the part of the uterus above the level of internal os.
Endometriosis is the occurrence of abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside the cavity of the uterus. It is a disease of the childbearing period. Endometriosis is extremely rare before menarche and disappears after menopause.

The incidence is about 10% but is increasing on account of diagnostic laparoscopy. There are various options for treatment of endometriosis in Delhi.


Symptoms vary according to the site. The classic symptom includes dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, menorrhagia and infertility. Common symptoms are-

Dysmenorrhea – this is the most common symptom. Pain begins before the onset of menstruation.

Abdominal pain- lower abdominal pain may occur anytime but is more common during menstruation.

Dyspareunia- these patients are often reluctant to attempt intercourse, and this adds to the magnitude of infertility.

Infertility- endometriosis affects infertility at all stages of diseases.

Menstrual symptoms- menorrhagia is common with adenomyosis and irregular bleeding may occur with cervical and vaginal lesions.

Chronic pelvic pain- endometriosis is one of the important causes of chronic pelvic pain.


-Hormonal influences- Development of endometriosis depends on the presence of the hormone mainly oestrogen.

-Immunological factors - Impaired T cells (sub type of white blood cells) and natural killer cell activity and altered immunology may result in endometriosis.

-Other factors- Other factors are genetic, multifactorial, vaginal, or cervical atresia. More frequent the cycles, and more the bleeding, greater is the risk for endoetriosis.

Risk factors for endometriosis are polymenorrhagia, retroverted uterus

Diagnosed patients with endometriosis may see endometriosis centers/endometriosis clinics in Delhi. Which requires a gynaecologist or a general surgeon.


There are many endometriosis centers or endometriosis clinics in Delhi where following treatment is done.

The treatment comprises medical, surgical and combination of both.

Endometriosis is oestrogen dependent. Administration of various hormones act as anti oestrogens and produce hypo oestrogenic effect.
Example- combined oral contraceptives, oral progesterone, gonadotropin releasing hormone etc.

Primary surgery is preferred in infertile women since hormones delay pregnancy.

LAPAROTOMY-  It is required in advanced stages and larger lesions.


There are many good endometriosis centers/endometriosis clinics in Delhi. One may approach a gynaecologist or a general surgeon for endometriosis treatment in Delhi.


Charaka identified twenty types of yoni vyapat (female reproductive disorder). None amongst them mentions endometriosis directly.

As mentioned above there is a severe pain in endometriosis which is related to aggravated vata (vayu) and also growth of cells outside the uterine cavity which is again caused by vata.

Inflammatory nature, hormonal imbalance, menstruation signifies involvement of pitta.

Abnormal growth of cells and forming a mass signifies involvement of kapha.

Hence endometriosis in Ayurveda is a sanipataka disease(involvement of all three doshas) and must be cured accordingly. 
Respective herbs used for treatment for vata, pitta, kapha in uttara basti should be mixed for treating sannipataka disease (endometriosis).

There are many options for treatment of endometriosis in Delhi amongst which is herbal approach. Aasha Ayurveda is one such Ayurvedic center in Delhi which provides such treatment.