How to get pregnant after failed IVF?



The procedure of IVF (in vitro fertlization) comes under assisted reproductive techniques. The entire process is bit tough and demanding in our society.women going for ivf either have blocked fallopian tubes or male infertility factor or unsuccessful treatments in the past.

Women going through ivf  have a psycohology that natural pregnancy after ivf is not possible. But the situation is not always the same because infertility is a result of various factors. Although the chances of getting pregnant after ivf miscarriage/after a failed ivf cycle is lower than other people, but there is always a chance of getting pregnant after a failed ivf cycle.

People opting for ivf have already been through a long process before going through the first ivf cycle. A failed ivf cycle is heart breaking and terrible for the couple who have already been through a psychological roller coaster. But this doesn’t mean that every cycle will fail. Some give up as they don’t know what to do after first ivf failure. The chances of getting pregnant increases with every cycle. Even after 5 attempts if pregnancy is not successful then one must look for some other alternative.

Some get pregnant after first ivf naturally without any intervention. People going through ivf doesn’t mean they are infertile. A woman is fertile after failed ivf cycle but comparatively less with others out there.

Whereas following additional technologies can be made for pregnancy after failed ivf. Example-
Different medication protocols
Genetic screening
ICSI (aid in fertilization of the eggs)
Assisted hatching (may help with implantation)

Pregnancy after ivf
Pregnancy after ART or through natural conception is same except for initial few weeks.
-        ivf patient are aware of the pregnancy from the day embryo is transferred whereas take a month for those with natural conception
-        medicines taken during ivf treatment may cause symptoms of early pregnancy this is calledf ovarian hyperstimulation symptoms.
-        From 2 weeks to 10 weeks ivf patient is monitored more intensely and frequently
-        Beyond 10 weeks pregnancy is same for ivf and for the one through natural conception

What to do after first ivf failure?
One must not lose hope. Talking to your doctor always helps. Doctors will tell you if there is any scope of improvement in the next cycle for getting pregnant after ivf miscarriage/after a failed ivf cycle.  You will know the reason of failure. If there is no complications and you are very much fertile after failed ivf cycle one can try to conceive naturally. Before it, give yourself a break, go out, relax your mind and soul as its natural to get disappointed. Take it easy because stress is also a cause for not being able to conceive. Many women have been successful in pregnancy after failed ivf.

Panchakarma along with beej shuddhi and garbha sanskaar may be an option for enhancing the success rate of achieving pregnancy after ivf failure or even before starting the ivf cycle.
In ayurveda there is a panchakarma treatment that is helpful in enhancing the success rate of assisted reproductive techniques. This gives a ray of hope to those trying to get pregnant after IVF miscarriage/failure.

According to vitiated doshas drugs for therapy are selected.
-Vatajanya yonirog (due to aggravated vayu)- 
                                    vayu suppressing herbs
                                    basti karma-enema
-pittaja yonirogas
                                    cooling therapy administered
-kaphaja yonirogas
                                    ruksha and ushna-dry and hot treatment

ayurvedic drugs for female infertility
- bala tel
-kashmaryadi ghrit
-pippiliyadi yog(piper longum)
-vrishkadi churna ( adhathoda vasica powder)
-brihat shatavari ghrit (shatavari asparagus)
-pushyanuga churna(cures uterine and menstrual disorder)

Thus we have discussed what to do after first ivf failure and how one can still get pregnant after ivf failure.Ayurvedic herbs being natural has its own magical effect on can increase the chance of pregnancy after ivf or after a failed ivf cycle. Few ayurvedic centres such as aasha ayurveda,  can help in improving the success rate of getting pregnant. Many patient has get pregnent naturally at aash ayurveda after IVF failiure. After Beej Sanskaar program of Aasha Ayurveda patients are geting success in first attempt IVF and Many are conveiving naturally during the beej sanskaar program.