Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Fall Cure In Delhi

In Ayurveda

रोमकूपानुगं पित्तं वाते सः मुरचितम |
प्रच्छायावयति रोमनि ततः श्लेष्म सः शोणितं ||
रूनाधिः रोमकूपानास्तुः ततो अन्येषां सम्भवः |
तद इन्द्रलुप्तं खलितं रुजयति च विभज्यते||

According to susruta the vitiated vata dosha along with pitta enters the hair follicles which causes hair fall.
Rakta along with kapha dosha enters and closes the hair follicles which stops the hair growth from that follicle.
This is known as indralupta, khalitya or rujya.

Charaka mentions three types of hair disease
-        Khalitya(alopecia totalis) –caused by vitiated pitta along with other doshas
-        Palit-caused by vitiated vata and pitta
-        Harikeshta- cause by vata and pitta

Above explanation is same in modern science as well. 
Hair loss can be due to a disorder of the hair follicle in which the scalp skin looks normal.
Due to disorder within the scalp skin that causes permanent loss of the follicle. This form causes shiny atrophic bald areas in the scalp which are devoid of follicular openings.

Types of hair fall disease are
Androgenic alopecia
Alopecia areata
Traction alopecia
Tellogen affluvium
Dissecting cellulitis


There are many hair fall treatment centre and hairfall treatment clinics in Delhi.

Ayurvedic approach for hair fall treatment in Delhi are-

Nasya karma
Rasayan chikitssa
Brahma vati
Gunja tael
Arogyavardhini vati

Modern science approach for hair fall treatment in Delhi

-Topical treatment using minoxidil lotion or oral treatment such as  finasteride.
Potent topical or injected steroids are of limited use.,
-hair transplantation.
-Wigs can be provided for severe cases and patient support groups are often beneficial.

Hair fall treatment centres and hair fall treatment clinics in Delhi

Aasha ayueveda

Richfeel trichology centre
Jiva Ayurveda
Sareen hair clinic
Satya skin and hair transplant clinic

There are many who are suffering from hair loss, men are mostly affected with baldness when compared to women. However there are now many options available for hair fall treatment in Delhi.Because of so many hair fall treatment centres and clinics in Delhi  people now can easily approach any.
One must always choose the treatment which is safe and effective and Ayurveda promises both of it.