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Women Care Package

Women Care package- Women are backbone of a family. They work more than 18 hours a day. But irony is that they don’t take care of themselves. This Women care package focuses on the physical relaxation and rejuvenation, mental relaxation as well as Facial glow of our women at home. It is recommended once a week for every female.

It includes-

  • Shirodhara (45 mins)

  • Abhyangam ( 30 mins)

  • Swedanam (15 min)

  • Mukha Lepam(45 mins)

Cost- 3500/-



Ante-Natal Special Care

Ante-Natal Special Care- (Garbhini Paricharya) – Follwing ayurvedic principles, we have designed these antenatal sessions and the kerala therapies for pregnant ladies. We have also designed our Beej sanskaar programme for those young couples who want to lead a healthy conception and pregnancy . This programme assures the tips and learnings to the couples to be followed during pregnancy period.

  • 4 sessions of Ante-natal/ Pregnancy care classes

  • Beej Sanskaar

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Developing mother child bond

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Post Delivery Care

  • Ayurvedic massages- Abhyangam ( 45 min)

  • Shirodhara ( 45 min)

Cost -7000/-



Elderly Care

Elderly Care (Senior Citizen Package)- This is specially designed for our grandparents or parents above 50 yrs of age for their body rejuvenation to cope up with the degeneration and other age related changes. It includes special discounts for senior citizens.

It includes-


  • Abhyangam (45 mins)

  • Swedanam ( 15min)

  • Janu Basti (30 mins)

  • Greeva Basti (30 min)

  • Shirodhara (40 min)

  • Netra Tarpanam ( 40 min)

Cost -14,000/- for 7 days package



Arogyam Packages

Arogyam Package – ( Weekly Rejuvenation) – This package is specialized for those who are fond of regular working without Break, Gyming or Exercises. They face muscle tissue breakage problem. 

Abhyangam focuses on the rejuvenation of tissue injuries of whole body.  And Shirodhara helps to regain your mental strength. It is inclusive of-

  • Abhyangam (30 mins)

  • Swedanam ( 15min)

  • Shirodhara (40 mins)

Cost – INR 3000/-



Ayushman  Package

Ayushman Package – With the growing age, denegenration is well to one and all. Ayushman package focuses on the same. Shirodhara helps to nourish the neurons, hence, maintains memory, concentration, mood swings during menopause etc. Pizhichil is a sort of oil bath. Vata dosha which is vitiated in fourth stage of life causing pain issues is balanced with it. It is also recommended to be followed on weekly basis.


  • Shirodhara (45 mins)

  • Pizhichil (45 mins)

  • Padabhyangam (15 mins)

Cost – INR 4000/-



WORKING PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE ( PREVENTIVE REJUVENATION) – Long sitting jobs, full time computer work, Long driving hours and eating abruptly fast foods etc in office are the common reasons for Back Pain, cervical pain, upset stomach, constipation, stress, anxiety. This package helps in prevention of these problems. Netra Tarpana nourishes the eyes, repairs the neurons, detoxifies the eyes. Greeva Basti helps in cervical pain. Spine basti helps in rejuvenation of whole spine. Kati basti nourishes the lower back region and helps to combat lower back pain a lot. This is recommended on weekly basis to all the working professionals to keep them fit. It is inclusive of-


  • Shirodhara (45 mins)

  • Netratarpanam (20 mins)

  • Greevabasti (30 mins)

  • Spine basti (30 mins)

  • Katibasti (30 mins)

Cost – INR 4999/-




One day Detoxification ProgramThis is specially designed programme for the betterment of human body. Ayurveda focus on ‘’Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam’’ i.e. maintenance of health of a healthy person. It offers a complete one day detox treatment which is very important now a days as we all live in extremely polluted environment.

It includes-

  • Abyangam (45min)

  • Swedanam (15 min)

  • Shirodhara (45min)

  • Karna puranam (30 min)

  • Basti therapy

Cost- 5000/

Cost- 5000/