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Aasha Ayurveda is open for franchising in Delhi and NCR for all those who have a great forsighted vision towards Ayurvedic Health Care Industry.

If you want to run a full-fledged Ayurvedic Wellness Centre or Ayurvedic Spa Centres then join your hands with Aasha Ayurveda.

Top 5 Reasons to have a Partnership with Aasha Ayurveda Clinic
  • Strong top management team with long term experience of Hospital and Hospitality Business.
  • Authentic training centre for continuous supply of high quality manpower.
  • 360 degree marketing plans and support in execution.
  • Comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOP) and audits for quality.
  • HR policies for employee motivation and retention.

Criteria for a wellness Centre
Investment : 10-12 lakhs

Land: 3 BHK apartment or bunglow at a prime location.

  • All the clients should be handled by a Registered Ayurvedic physican.
  • Proper authentic ayurvedic treatments should be given to the clients on the basis on diseases.
  • Diseases specific therapies should be prescribed and performed with specific herbs.
  • Comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOP) and audits for quality.
  • Trained therapists should be there at the centre.

Centre infrastructure should be appropriate as per following therapies;

  • Abhyangam
  • Swedanam
  • Nasyam
  • Shirodhara
  • Pizhichil
  • Kizhi
  • Talapothichil
  • Netra tarpanam
  • Udwartanam
  • Basti (internal as well as external) etc.

Criteria for Spa Centre-
Investment : 10-15 lakhs

Requirement: 1200 sq ft area preferred a 3 BHK Bunglow at a prime location or a hotel or resort. Infrastructure for therapies like

  • Shirodhara
  • Ayurvedic Facial
  • Mukh Lepanam
  • Padabhyangam
  • Shiroabhyangam
  • Abhyangam
  • Rejuvenation
  • Haircare etc.

For further module planning and assistance and details , Please contact

Dr. Chanchal Sharma

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