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What is the difference between male infertility and female infertility?

Male infertility is related to male factors of pregnancy. Good quality and number of eggs are required to fertilize an egg. The Sperm Concentration, motality, morphology, sperm count, errection issues, ejaculation related issues; all are the important factors for male infertility.
Female infertility is related  to issues in female reproductive health. Factors responsible for female infertility are-
1.        PCOD/PCOS
2.        Endometriosis
3.        Adenomyosis
4.        Hyperacidity
5.        Pre Mature Ovarian failure
6.        Poor egg quality
7.        Poor Endometrium thickness
8.        Irregular Menstrual Cycle
9.        Dysmenorrhoea
10.        Delayed menstrual cycle
11.        Scanty Bleeding
12.        Menorrhagia
13.        Metrorrhagia

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