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How to increase Success rate of IVF ?

Success rate of IVF can be increased by getting perfection in following parameters-
1.    Endomentrial circulation- implantation of embryo depends upon the quality of endometrium. Circulation or blood flow between endometrium and myometrium should be good. 
2.    Environment of uterus- As per ayurveda, various females suffering from  hyperacidity, burning sensation during coitus etc are also unable to conceive as embryo cann’t survive in raised temperature. They are developed at an ideal temperature in incubator. So balanced temperature and pH is very important.
3.    Endometrial thickness- Endometrium is like a bed for the embryos transferred in the uterus. So, their thickness should be atleast above 10mm on the day of embryo transfer.
4.    Sperm Quality- Now a days , we think that sperm concentration is the only parameter for sperm. But as per ayurveda Healthy Shukra dhatu is required for a healthy conception that could grow and assure success.
5.    Egg Quality- Female egg is also equally important for a healthy embryo. So, it should of best quality.
6.    Root Cause of infertility should be dissolved first like Endometriosis, adhenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory disease etc.

All the above parameters can be achieved with Ayurveda. Uttar Basti Therapy, Panchakarma procedures And ayurvedic medicines plays an important role in it. We at Aasha Ayurveda are successfully converting hopeless IVF failures to the parenthood.

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