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How IVF process Works?

IVF or In-vitro fertilization could be understood in 4 simples steps.    
•    Ovarian Stimulation- In a natural cycle, 2-3 follicles gets matured. But in IVF, More follicles are required. So, hormonal Injections are given to the patient to get the desired no of eggs. This is called ovarian stimulation. It is done from D2 of a cycle. 

•    Egg Retrieval- When the follicles are matured to required size, they are taken out/ retrieved from the ovaries under the ultrasound guidance with a minimal sedation. Further, the retrieved eggs are placed in a medium in some tray under sterilized environment and then shifted to in Incubator.

•    Fertilization- Male semen sample is taken and best sperms are selected from that. Then, they are placed in incubator with the eggs retrieved and embryologist keeps a close check on their development to embryo or blast cyst.

•    Embryo Transfer- The embryos are graded as per their quality like A grade, B grade etc by embryologist. The best embryos are selected and are placed in uterine cavity. 


IVF success is only 25%. It can be increased with the increase in sperm and ovum quality. The best quality of sperm and ovum can be achieved with Ayurveda and Panchakarma.

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