what is Healthy Progeny- Beej Sanskar and Beej Shuddhi Benefit ?

BEEJA SHUDHI (shodhan sanskar) 

The science of Ayurveda follows the principle of preserving the health of a healthy person and eradicating the disease one suffering from. Specific routine and regime have always been the way of healing in Ayurveda. Which also applies in the case of pregnant women in pre conception period, ante natal and post natal.

Healthy sperms, healthy menstrual phase, healthy reproductive organs and a healthy uterus are the most important conditions for the husband and wife planning to conceive.  Defects in any of these may result in baby born with congenital deformities, improper conceiving or any other deformity. Hence it becomes important for the couples planning for a baby to make sure that their ovum and sperms are in its healthy form. A healthy woman is a healthy family , Ayurveda laid emphasis on the importance of diet in a pregnant women.

Beeja sanskar centres  and clinics provide beeja sanskar classes in Delhi.


Its important to prepare yourselves few months before planning for a healthy progeny.

Husband and wife are given snehana (oleation) and swedana (steam therapy) followed by vamana virechan through which all the toxicity is removed. Later asthapana and anuvasana basti is given. Husband is served with ghee and milk. Wife is served with enough of urad and til tael. 

Panchakarma also helps in relieving stress which plays a major role in infertility.

Healthy food, exercise, yoga and a healthy lifestyle must be followed.
Folic acid is taken at least three months before planning for a healthy progeny.


-        parents learn about its importance and that of care to be taken during andafter conception.
-        Any ailment is cured on time
-        Basti karma prepares the internal part of the uterus to hold the zygote
-        It helps in making a healthy ovum and sperm.

Beeja sanskar centres and clinics in Delhi

Aasha ayueveda centre
SKK Ayurveda and panchakarma centre
Kurias earth Ayurveda hospital

Effect of Ayurveda has always brought a positive result in couples planning to conceive. Beeja sanskaar classes in Delhi is provided in various beeja sanskar clinic and centres located in Delhi.