Types of skin diseases - Symptoms, causes and Treatment, skin Doctors ?


There are many types of skin diseases. Few of them mentioned are as below-
Lichen planus
Pityriasis rosea
Fungal infection

Charak , Sushruta and Vagabhatta mentions eighteen types of skin disease which are as follows-
shataru and 

Most common amongst them that are relevant to modern science description are-
Kitibha (psoriasis)
Dadru (fungal infection)
Shweta kushtha/kilasa/shwitra (vitiligo)

Symptoms of skin disease-


Skin can become so acutely inflamed that fluid weeps out and vesicles appear. Chronic eczema is characterized by thickened skin  which is always itchy.

It can be compared with vicharchika in Ayurveda

सकंडूह पिडका श्यावा बहुस्रावा विचर्चिका || (charaka samhita shloka no 26)

blackish brown in colour, with vesicles, itching  and with lot of fluid discharge.

This is compared with kitibha in Ayurveda. Characterized by well demarcated, red scaly plaques covered in characteristic silver scale. Skin becomes inflamed and hyperproliferates to about ten times the normal rate.

Charak mentions the syptoms of psoriasis in the given shloka-

शयावं किनखर स्पर्श परुषं किटिमा स्मृतं || (charaka samhita sholka no 22)

shyawam (blackish brown discoloration of skin)
kinkharsparsha (rough to touch)
parusham (hard on touching)


Occurs anywhere on the skin and last between minutes and hours before resolving spontaneously. lesions are  intensely itchy and show no surface change or scaling. Urticaria in Ayurveda is compared to sheeta pitta.

Lichen planus

Characterized by small, purple flat topped, polygonal papules that are intensely pruritic. It is common on flexors of wrist and lower legs but can occur anywhere. mucosal involvement is common. the mouth is most commonly affected.

Acne vulgaris

It is a common facial rash occurring in adolescence. Three cardinal features are –
Black heads or white heads, inflammatory papules, pustules.

Fungal infection

Fungal infection is the most common of the skin infections. There are three groups of pathogenic fungi that commonly affect the outer layer of the skin.


vitiligo is a common disorder of  depigmentation which probably has an autoimmune aetiology.
Vitiligo is compared to shwetakushtha/kilaas/shwitra in Ayurveda.

Causes of  skin disease

According to Ayurveda apart from all three doshas (vata-pitta-kapha), twacha , rakta , maans, ambu are the seven matters involved in occurrence of skin disease.

Charaka identifies the following causes of skin disease which may be psoriasis,urticaria-

-intake of contradictory food, heavy and aliphatic drinks
-suppresion of natural urges like flatulence,urine,thirst etc
-exercising after heavy meal in excess heat
-intake of cold water after heavy exercise or exposure to sun .
-intake of food before the earlier taken meal is digested
-excessive intake of sour products
-sleeping at day time

These can be considered as a triggering factor which should be avoided  during psoriasis treatment or any other skin treatment.

In modern science the cause of skin disease may be-
bacterial infections
mycobacterium infections
fungal infections or

There  are many good options for treatment of skin disease in various skin disease centers and skin disease clinics in Delhi.

Treatment of skin disease

There are many treatment options for skin treatment in Delhi in various skin disease centres and skin clinics in Delhi

according to Ayurveda all skin diseases are caused by aggravation of three doshas (vata-pitta-kapha)

Panchakarma for psoriasis treatment or other skin treatment.

Herbs used for treatment is taken according to vitiated doshas

Vaman- (emesis)
Virechan (purgation)
Niruh basti
Raktamokshan (bloodletting) 
Leech therapy is also done in some patients.

psoriasis treatment  or other skin treatment in Delhi through ayurvedic 
medicine. Few of them are listed below.

Mustadi churan
Trifaladi churan
Trikadi lepa
Trapwadi lepa
Kushthadya tael
Mahatikta ghrita
Mahakhadira ghrita

Skin doctors

Patients with skin disease may approach dermatologist. Listed below are few of the dermatologist for skin treatment in Delhi with Ayurveidc Specialisation are

Dr Chanchal Sharma (Ayurvedic Specialist)
Dr Suruchi Puri, Dr Rohit Batra,

There are many skin disease centres  and skin disease clinics in Delhi. Few to mention are-

Aasha Ayurveda
Ayurveda skin clinic and laser centre
Swarnaveda ayurvedic and pancchakarma clinic
Parth skin clinic
Kashyap skin clinic
Dermaworld skin and hair clinic

Ayurvedic way of healing is considered best when it comes to the treatment of skin diseases.
Ayurveda believes in preserving the good health of a person first and if diseased then curing it. There are proved records of how our ancient system of medicine has worked successfully on a patient where even the modern medicines failed.