Celebrating the Healing of your Body and Mind through Ayurveda”- Holi & Ayurveda

aasha ayurveda holiHoli is an Indian festival also called the festival of colors that originated in ancient times. Color is scientifically proven to have a tremendous impact in our life. On this day everyone looks same with colors on the face, in the same way when we apply the color of love to the mind all differences are removed and we live in harmony. It falls in phalgun (March) marking the end of winter and beginning of warm season. It is again the time of the year when the air around us rejuvenates and makes us feel happy. Children in the street are ready with vibrant colors and water guns (pichkaris). The sound of laughter, colorful faces, makes those old wrinkled faces smile with the twinkling eyes. The youngsters and the children energize the atmosphere around. Such is the charisma of this beautiful festival.


During winter kapha dosha gets accumulated that starts melting after winter season. This phase makes us more vulnerable towards kapha related problems and diseases in body. The burning of holika a day before holi and eating corn and dates helps in eliminating kapha dosha and makes the body resistant to infection. Running, shouting, laughing and absorbing the flames destroys the kapha dosha and hence prevents diseases. 


The festival also rejuvenates and is a stress relieving therapy. The holika dahan a day before holi, signifies burning your past and preparing yourself for a new beginning. The beautiful colors represent our emotions both good and bad. Red for anger, green for jealousy, yellow signifies vibrancy and happiness, love with pink, blue for vastness, violet for knowledge and so on. Our life should also be filled with so many colors and positivity. According to ayurveda the existence of everything on this earth is on the basis of five elements i.e prithvi (earth), jala (water), aakash (ether), vayu (air) and agni (fire). Each of them is signified with certain colors such as yellow, dark blue, light blue, green and red respectively. Colors are connected with the seven chakras in our body that has an impact on the body’s energy.


The air and street are filled with colorful powders all around. These days there are many chemicals mixed colors that is harmful for our skin and may cause a serious problem if in the eyes. One must be careful in choosing the colors. Using medicinal or herbal colored powders that are prepared from ayurvedic herbs are not only safe on skin but also has kapha reducing property and eliminates the toxicity from the skin. Medicated herbal liquid colors enter the skin pores and removes the toxins, leaving the skin look young and beautiful.


Where on the earth can you find a festival that is so colorful, celebrated with such a joy, and at the same time has a wonderful healing therapy.

Have a happy, safe and organic holi!! - Aasha Ayurveda