Garbhasanskar through Ayurveda is possibly the best way to strengthen the bond between the mother and the unborn child.


It is a universally proven fact that a fetus is much more than a mass of flesh. It is capable of understanding and perceiving external stimuli. It is said that a baby’s psychological and behavioural advancement begins as soon as he/she is conceived. In this context, Garbhasanskar through Ayurveda, a methodology of inculcating values into the baby whilst it is still inside the womb, is being widely practiced across the country. The term Grabhasanskar is made up of two Sanskrit words, ‘Garbha’ and ‘Sanskar,’ where ‘Garbha’ exemplifies fetus, and ‘Sanskar’ implies educating. Here is a brief insight on the various activities that are conducted in a Garbhasanskar program:

  1. Listening to music

It has been proved that an unborn child can hear and respond to sound effects from the seventh month onwards. So when the mother listens to music, it’s reasonable that the baby will hear it as well. A few experts have also pointed out that listening to music energizes the baby’s psychological health, and in addition, aid in building up its sense of hearing. An expectant mother can start with listening to soothing ragas and melodies that may help her in feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

  1. Practicing Yoga

Yoga facilitates in enhancing the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles. This goes a long way in helping a lady to combat the challenges during labour. The practice of Pranayama and other breathing techniques also help the mother and the child to stay healthy. Moreover, yoga helps in improving the blood transmission to the baby, and reduces the probability of occurrence of backaches and cramps during pregnancy.

  1. Pursuing a hobby and awakening the creativity

Taking up hobbies amid pregnancy keeps one’s mind diverted as well as aids in boosting the child’s overall development. Expectant mothers can try their hands at different creative activities such as painting or pottery. Another alternative is to solve math problems or crossword puzzles, which also helps in enhancing the child’s intellectual development. If nothing more, these activities serve as a wonderful stress buster for a pregnant lady.

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