know about Abhyangam By Aasha Ayurveda in Delhi

Abhyangam is specialized ayurvedic body massage done with proper techniquies by Aasha Ayurveda Kerala panchkarma therapy in Delhi. Medicated oil is used as per the purpose of Abhyangam. It’s a 45 minutes procedure followed by swedanam ( Steam) for 15 minutes.

Abhyangam treatment

Indications :

Person who is fit for Panchkarma procedures ( Shodhanara)

Dry or rough ( Ruksha) – Vataj prakriti

Diseases due to vitiation of Vata

Persons, who do regular exercise like Athelete, fitness seekers, gymers ( (Vyayam Sheela)

Intellectuals, Executives (Chintaka)

Essential preparatory procedure for other Panchakarma procedures.

Vatarogas like Hemiplagia, Paralysis ( Pakshaghata), Sciatica ( gridhrasi), Backache ( Katishoola), Facial Palsy ( ardit ), Gout (Vatashonita), Brachial neuralgia ( avabahuka).

Oligospermia ( Sheena shukra)

Abdominal lump ( gulma)

Acid peptic disorders( Parinama Shoola)

Diseases of female genital tract ( Yoni vyapat)

Emaciated ( Krisha)

Marasmus (Balshosha)

Sleeplessness ( Anidra)

Alcoholic intoxication ( Madatyaya)

Chronic Constipation ( Jeerna Vibandha)


Vitiation/ increase of Kapha & Fat tissue ( Meda)

State of indigestion and toxic metabolites ( Amadosha)


Ascitis, Hepato-spleno-megaly, Cirrhosis of Liver, Acute abdomen, etc


Mild Chemical Poison

Early stages of fever

Possible complications:

These will arise if general guidelines are not followed.

Complications arise commonly due to faults/ errors in

Dosage schedule ( Matra nirnaya)

Time of drug administration/ procedure ( Kala Nirnaya)

Vyapat ( Consequences)

Immediate Symptoms

Indigestion ( Ajeerna)

Thirst ( Trishna)

Drowsiness ( Tandra)

Distention of abdomen ( Anaha)

Fever ( jwara)

Rigidity (Stambha)

Distaste (Aruchi)

Pain ( Shoola)

State of indigestion and toxic metabolities ( Aamdosha)

Nausea ( Utklesha)

Delayed Symptoms

Skin diseases ( Kushtha)

Itching ( Kandu )

Anemia ( Pandu )

Edema ( Shotha)

Sprue / Malabsorption syndrome ( grahani)

Haemorrhoides ( Arsha)

Feeling of cold ( staimitya)

Erysipelas ( visarpa)

Management of Complications

Symptomatic therapy based on the doshic predominance and on the severity of the complication.

Indigestion ( Ajeerna) & Thirst ( Trishna)

Emesis ( vamana) to be done with warm water ( ushnodaka) and to be managed accordingly.

Fasting, vomiting and sudation, administering foods, drinks and medicines which aredry.

Use of fermented alcoholic preparation made from buttermilk ( Takrarishtha), Barley ( Yava), long pepper ( Pippali), three myrobalans ( thiphla), Honey ( kshodra), Cow’s Urine ( Gomootra), Commiphora mukul ( guggulu), etc.

Other Complications: symptomatic therapy based on the doshic predominance and on the severity of complications.


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