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Best Alternative to IVF – Ayurveda

Treat PCOS/ PCOD with Ayurveda – Better Success and Cost Effective No Side-effects Infertility is the biggest problem now a days which leads to the choice of IVF. Common causes of infertility are PCOD/ PCOS, thin endometrial size, poor quality of sperm, immotile sperm count, Azoospermia and most common is Infertility due to unknown reason. […]

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know about Abhyangam By Aasha Ayurveda in Delhi

Abhyangam is specialized ayurvedic body massage done with proper techniquies by Aasha Ayurveda Kerala panchkarma therapy in Delhi. Medicated oil is used as per the purpose of Abhyangam. It’s a 45 minutes procedure followed by swedanam ( Steam) for 15 minutes. Indications : Person who is fit for Panchkarma procedures ( Shodhanara) Dry or rough ( […]

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