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Defeat acne with Ayurveda!

Taking pimples in frustration only prolongs time taken to heal and scars the area.

Acne might not exactly be serious health risk, but not one among all of us would take it casually! Someone would suggest making use of toothpaste to the pimple or acne spot, and we rush to try it out just to learn that toothpastes contain elements that can hurt the outer skin. What about over-the counter-top acne medication? But these contain drying agents like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid; keep using it and wrap up with over-dry skin and, whoops, more blemishes. Many of all of us have tried popping the pimples in frustration and learnt the hard way that it only extended healing time and scarred the area.

How Ayurveda treats acne!

From the Ayurveda perspective, acne breakouts can be a condition of the pitta dosha. As per a leading Ayurveda expert, ‘When systemic pitta gets into circulation, it comes under skin and grows there triggering the capillary vessels to pop and it creates a bump and inflammation. A lot of sebum collects there. Persons whose sweat is acidulent and have too much pitta under the epidermis, are prone to get acne’.  Acne is quite simply a pitta disorder.

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What we eat plays an natural part in acne formation. People that eat cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, hot foods, oily and junk food, spicy food, pickles, too much cheese or peanut butter, their pitta aggravates and their perspiration becomes acidic leading to acne.

Anger, fear, stress or anxiety can also cause acne.

The cure is based on removing the impaired doshas from the body or purifying these doshas with local or systemic medication.

The process used in ancient times was Raktmokshana/ bloodletting since the blood is the transporter of vitiated doshas and so in charge of producing the disease. Blood-letting was done via leech therapy. Leech remedy is practised as one of the Panchakarma therapies in Ayurveda and has recently been proved very beneficial not just for acne but also to eliminate toxins from the body and give skin a glow.

There are also various time tested Ayurveda systemic medicine and Ayurveda face packs for treatment of acne.
Ayurveda formulas for acne treatment!

The first distinctive line of treatment for acne in Ayurveda is cleaning up your daily diet and an improved lifestyle. This involves-

•    Drinking lots of water
•    No smoking
•    Simply no alcohol
•    Reducing caffeine consumption
•    Avoiding processed food and, yes, carbonated beverages including diet drinks
•    Avoiding fatty, greasy, spicy or hot foods
•    Detoxifying now and then
•    Following dosha controlling diet depending on what type of acne you have
•    Use of green tea
•    Timely consumption of foods.

Common formulations for treating acne!

•    Mahamanjishtadikashayam
•    Sunder vati
•    Avipathichoornam
•    Triphalguggulu
•    Guduchyadivati
•    Shalmalyadilepa
•    Mukhadushikarilepam
•    A face pack made up of lodhra (Symlocosracemosus), myrtle /vacha, coriander, sandal, and vetiver is also very beneficial for acne.
•    Kumkumaditailam

Who can use Ayurveda treatment for Acne?

Anyone and everyone, if the teen or adult, may use Ayurveda for acne. However the treatment for each and every individual may be different. So, don’t try the remedies without asking a certified Ayurveda doctor.
How soon can you expect to see results?

The duration of treatment will rely upon your metabolism, severity of acne, and the line of treatment. You could start seeing results within a week or two for most formulations. Nevertheless, you need to continue with the medication for a month longer or as recommended by your Ayurvedic doctor.

You may stop Ayurvedic remedies once the acne is removed. For example, use the face mask 1 – 3 times every day depending after the severity of acne in the first month. As the acne improves, reduce it to alternate days. Thereafter, do a weekly routine for maintenance.

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